Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What do you love?

Just wanna share some of my favorites/love :)

1. Gongcha Caramel Milktea

This is my anti-stress/rejuvinating drink.. I can't live without drinking one every week.. 

2. Macaroons 
Yes this babies is one of the desserts that even though is quite pricy it is still worth it.. :)

 3. My samsung galaxy spica 
Of course it is something i need not just for communication but also with the music as well.. 

4. Pizzaaaaaaa
One of my favorite food Pizza!!!!!!!!!

 4. Book
I've been influenced by my best friend pichie M in terms of reading. I am not a super major bookworm but I find time to finish a book especially if it is about mysteries, detective works and etc. It is just lately but I wish that I can have this passion in reading. I think that it is not too late right? :)

5. Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Sugar
I just love auntie anne's pretzels. This is my combo meal with my milk tea.

6. Pastaaaaaaa

I love eating pasta. Anything with pasta is love.. :D

7. Holly's

I actually love the place because the ambiance is nice, it is not noisy there are not to much people like starbucks.

8. Mc Donalds fries and mcflurry

Well I assume that each and everyone of us loves Mcdonalds. Good thing Mcdonalds is just a walk away from home.. yah it is actually my neighbor. Whenever I find myself hungry and craving for fries I just go and buy one.

9. BonChon

Bon Chon one of the best tasting chicken right. According to what I see inside the store they are featured in CQ magazine if I'm not mistaken. For me it is a 4/5 ratings.. I like the chicken and my tip don't eat inside the store, by the time you're outside your hair will smells like fried chicken.. hoho.. 

Well that's it for now.. I have this promise to myself to at least put an entry to my blog every other  day. O_o I will try my very best to do that and share something. 
Sayonara!! Gomawo.. :)


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