Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Late Birthday Celebration Post

Warning this photos contains my super plain and ugly face..
PS Don't mind my peys.. >.<
PSS Picture Overload.. haha.. 

The food that waited almost 4hours.. i really thought that no one is coming but they surprised me! :) Thank you bhebhes! 

And amazingly our new friend Hero.. haha.. 

ang mga nageffort.. :)

ayieee.. haha

I just want to include this pic.. it is titled " Ang himutok ni Lei" 

Hannah the sailor girl.. :p love you bhe.. :)


Ate Lei!


What's with the face Ericka! ahaha..

Again Erick.. what is the meaning?? 

Bestfriend Kua Mick! 

With Mr. papabol Aljur.. yun oh.. haha

Thank you so much guys! I love you all

Yes we even go to Meme because she is on duty.. models lang ng ER.. haha


The next day it is actually my birthday.. I had it celebrated with Gf and Hannah.. :)

Macaroons.. *drooling*

Gf again.. :)

My meal.. yumyum..


Love them both..

Well, that's it I owe those people a lot and i just love them.. :) thank you so much mga bhebhes.. for making me happy on my birthday.. love you all big time! :)



  1. gf i like it hihi. loveyou :)

    1. thanks gf!! :) hope to see you sooooonnn na!! miss you much!

  2. ayiiiiiii :) Loooop slash infinity. Hohoho