Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi ya'll!! Yesss I am back with blogging..
Been very very busy lately and now I do have the motivation or I should say laziness doesn't kick in for me today.. :)

It was a fine Saturday afternoon when I had this shoot. Thanks to my sister's new camera lens and the raw pictures are so good.. :)

Hat: Department store
Victorian like top: thrift store
Skirt: thrift store (again)
Bag: thrift store (again.. haha)
Shoes: Fiona

Basically that's it.. I hope you had a great day!


Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ribbon: thetomatothing
top: thrift store
skirt: thrift store
wedges: matthews

It was a sunny afternoon and I just decided to do a quick look post. I felt like candy like and sweet because of the pink top that I got from a thrift store. Love the collar details and with the polka dots on it.  
Hope you like it!
We are having an online shop where we sell ribbons and other cute stuffs.. you can visit our page and hit like HERE
Thanks in advance!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Penshoppe: PFW

Yey! Now I am going to post my first ever PFW experience. Actually I am originally going to attend Veejay Floresca's show I do have an e-invite but then I thought it will start at 6.30 but originally it was 5.30. I thought it will be an epic fail day for me but as what the quote says "When a door closes another door opens" nyahaha.. actually that is a self invented quote of that day. 
So to make the long story short I was able to watch the Penshoppe show where Leighton Meester and Mario Maurer will be at the show (excited much and very lucky that day) good thing I was waiting outside for my friends and suddenly I was lucky to be the first 100 to enter the show.. haha.. I was so happy that day. :) 
Well anyways here are some of the pictures that I had taken. Enjoy!

First theme is all about denims.. 

Color blocking


Black is Back

and the finale non other than the gorgeous Leighton Meester aka as Blair in Gossip Girls
She is very pretty!!! I am in love.. 

and of course Mario Maurer is there (P'shone!! )

Attended the show with these two gorgeous girls.. 

I was not able to take a solo pic of my look.. but here's what I wore.

Had a great time! :) A lot of happenings and epic fail moments that day but in the end it turned out well.


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Goodevening everyone! yes this is a late blog post. Well Because of my laziness I was not able to update my blog that much :| Sorry to my readers( well if i do have readers haha).
Ok enough of the blah blah's lets move on with the outfit post.

flowery tights: from thrift store, shirt: american apparel, boots: jellybean, watch: fossil
With this I tried to match those histrionic tights with a simple plain shirt and with my brown boots. This is to balance everything. Hope you like it! :)

it will be a busy weekday ahead of me so i will try to post my PFW experience tomorrow.. :) 


Monday, June 4, 2012


"when she was just a girl
she expected the world" 
Right now I am into coldplay's song Paradise, and that's what the title comes out.
This is another quick outfit post.
What more can I say.. umm.. actually the turban was made by my sister. 
Yes you can visit her blog here.
So here are some more pics.. :)

Flowery turban by: thetomatothing

brown platform wedges from primadona

Got a chance to do stuffs that I like.. :) Hopefully to survive another week.. Wish you all a good weekday ahead.. 
Will be working with my new logo header.. hihi.. How I wish that laziness doesn't creeps in.. -__



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Green Peacock

Hi ya'll! 
It's been quite a while since i blog of an outfit post.. 
This is just a random shot during a saturday church.. :)

You can hype this look here


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What do you love?

Just wanna share some of my favorites/love :)

1. Gongcha Caramel Milktea

This is my anti-stress/rejuvinating drink.. I can't live without drinking one every week.. 

2. Macaroons 
Yes this babies is one of the desserts that even though is quite pricy it is still worth it.. :)

 3. My samsung galaxy spica 
Of course it is something i need not just for communication but also with the music as well.. 

4. Pizzaaaaaaa
One of my favorite food Pizza!!!!!!!!!

 4. Book
I've been influenced by my best friend pichie M in terms of reading. I am not a super major bookworm but I find time to finish a book especially if it is about mysteries, detective works and etc. It is just lately but I wish that I can have this passion in reading. I think that it is not too late right? :)

5. Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Sugar
I just love auntie anne's pretzels. This is my combo meal with my milk tea.

6. Pastaaaaaaa

I love eating pasta. Anything with pasta is love.. :D

7. Holly's

I actually love the place because the ambiance is nice, it is not noisy there are not to much people like starbucks.

8. Mc Donalds fries and mcflurry

Well I assume that each and everyone of us loves Mcdonalds. Good thing Mcdonalds is just a walk away from home.. yah it is actually my neighbor. Whenever I find myself hungry and craving for fries I just go and buy one.

9. BonChon

Bon Chon one of the best tasting chicken right. According to what I see inside the store they are featured in CQ magazine if I'm not mistaken. For me it is a 4/5 ratings.. I like the chicken and my tip don't eat inside the store, by the time you're outside your hair will smells like fried chicken.. hoho.. 

Well that's it for now.. I have this promise to myself to at least put an entry to my blog every other  day. O_o I will try my very best to do that and share something. 
Sayonara!! Gomawo.. :)


Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Late Birthday Celebration Post

Warning this photos contains my super plain and ugly face..
PS Don't mind my peys.. >.<
PSS Picture Overload.. haha.. 

The food that waited almost 4hours.. i really thought that no one is coming but they surprised me! :) Thank you bhebhes! 

And amazingly our new friend Hero.. haha.. 

ang mga nageffort.. :)

ayieee.. haha

I just want to include this pic.. it is titled " Ang himutok ni Lei" 

Hannah the sailor girl.. :p love you bhe.. :)


Ate Lei!


What's with the face Ericka! ahaha..

Again Erick.. what is the meaning?? 

Bestfriend Kua Mick! 

With Mr. papabol Aljur.. yun oh.. haha

Thank you so much guys! I love you all

Yes we even go to Meme because she is on duty.. models lang ng ER.. haha


The next day it is actually my birthday.. I had it celebrated with Gf and Hannah.. :)

Macaroons.. *drooling*

Gf again.. :)

My meal.. yumyum..


Love them both..

Well, that's it I owe those people a lot and i just love them.. :) thank you so much mga bhebhes.. for making me happy on my birthday.. love you all big time! :)