Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Life. New Post.

Hi earth! Its been 3 years since I had my last post here in my blog. There are a lot of things that happened to me for the past years. I got married and had a very cute and handsome baby boy. It's been a rough year for me last 2014 but now I am already adjusting to my new life. Being a wife is not easy but being a mom is a lot more difficult than I can imagine. But when your son smiles at you, those sleepless nights and tiredness during the day will be gone. With all my experience as a first time mom, I realize all the hardship of my mother and because of that I was able to love her more. So I think I would share to you my experiences on the coming days if i would find time to update this blog. Will post some of those pic of my son things that I learned about being a mom. :)